Basic Project Process

Below is a brief overview of our project phases to acquaint our clients with our standard procedures. While some projects may require each and every step listed below, others will not, and AMS Drafting & Design, Inc. is here to determine just what your project needs in order to accomplish your goals in a timely and budget conscious manner.



We offer a free initial consultation to discuss and evaluate your project.


Pre-Design Phase

We will research City codes and zoning requirements pertaining to your project. We then measure and draw existing residential conditions to establish a basis for the design documents and to send out for surveying bids.


Schematic Design Phase

We meet with you to go over your design options. We then alter the proposed design sketches to reflect your needs and vision. We discuss your projects City code and zoning requirements. We will establish the design direction in relation to plan, section, and elevation.


Design Development Phase

We develop and modify the plans as discussed in the schematic design. Plans are sent to structural engineers for bids and structural system design. Once you choose your related finish materials (ie: tile, counter tops, backsplash, etc) we will meet with you to add them to the plans, sections and elevations as required to demonstrate the design for your review, input and approval. If necessary, we will modify design development documents to reflect changes made. As an optional additional service, we can meet you at the material vendor of your choice and assist you in selecting your finish materials.


Construction Document Phase

We will prepare construction documents of the project suitable for building department submittal, including specifying all electrical fixtures, door and window schedule, interior elevations and details. Incorporate structural engineer's design, energy consultant calculations, and mechanical design, if required. 


Construction Phase

If desired, AMS Drafting & Design, Inc. can represent you during the construction of your project, forward your instructions and questions to the contractor, make site visits to view progress of the work and re-submit any change orders to the City.


Optional Additional Billed Services

AMS can provide you with a computerized 3-D rendering to assist in visualizing your project design. If desired, we can assist and guide you in choosing your projects finish materials. If you have any additional requests, not listed above, feel free to ask


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